Shaddock Real Estate’s Stunning History

Proudly serving the Singleton community for over 70 years

The early days of Shaddock

The Shaddock story began as a father’s dream to build a real estate agency that was committed to its community and their properties. Purchased in 1946 by Norman Shaddock, the Shaddock office would become the proud institution that continues to be family owned and operated to this very day. Norman believed that the secret to longevity in business was quality customer service, a value that Sue and her team still live by today.

In 1966, Norman passed the successful Shaddock real estate business name to his son Perry to manage, with the full confidence and backing of his team. Perry had been working alongside Norman since the beginning so fully embraced what the Shaddock name was all about.

In turn, Perry’s son, Murray Shaddock invested in the family business in 1989 and became the full proprietor in 1995.

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Time for a change in the Shaddock name

During the early 1990’s, the Shaddock office was reinvented with the purchase of the Raine and Horne franchise, subsequently resulting in a change of name to Raine and Horne Singleton for the best part of 5 years. The association with a well-known, national brand like Raine and Horne brought confidence to the team for the future. In a shock upset, after trading as Raine and Horne Singleton for some time, the Shaddock name was reinvented with the accidental advertising of the business name due to a lack of other signage from Raine and Horne.

To the surprise of Murray and the Shaddock team, the community was behind them and thus, the Shaddock name was reborn.

Modernising Shaddock while getting back to the roots

Murray continued to see success and growth of the business back under the Shaddock name. It turns out that members of the community prefer a family orientated business. It shows trust and commitment; values that Murray and the Shaddock team wanted to instil in their clients. With the addition of Murray’s wife Sue, on board after the sale of her photography business, Shaddock Real Estate was leaping into the 21st century with great stride.

After the sudden death of Murray in 2004, Sue continued to operate the business with the support of other local agents, friends, family and the community, Shaddock was revived and moving forward with a newfound passion for property management.

Today, Sue Shaddock and her team strive to provide professional service to the community, no matter their need in the real estate industry. From property management to sales, rent and buy, the Shaddock team can help you with their long-standing commitment to delivering quality customer service. After all, being in the industry for more than 70 years speaks for itself!