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The key to a superior property portfolio is smart property management with Shaddock Real Estate

We take the stress out of owning an investment property

As specialists in property management, Shaddock is committed to providing a comprehensive property management service to the residents of Singleton and surrounds. We believe that, as the largest asset in your life, your investment property should be protected and should enhance your lifestyle by giving you the best return on your investment. We are committed to helping you achieve this return. Our thorough property management services are backed by our years of experience and our solid reputation built on professional, reliable, and honest communication with our current and future clients.

Property marketing for tenancy

When you make the decision to occupy your investment with tenants, you need to be able to showcase the property to prospective parties. Shaddock are experts in detailing how to best market your property to potential tenants. We craft specialised campaigns to best highlight the property and its features. We utilise various marketing tools to reach targeted tenants including:

Securing tenants for your property

Our Shaddock property managers are meticulous in preparing and screening appropriate tenants for your property. On receiving an application, prospective tenants are fully screened with reference checks, including work, personal and previous tenancy references to ensure that they meet the minimum tenancy standards as set by you and us. We don’t just let anyone rent your property, we feel that prospective tenants must be suited to the property and as such, we always openly communicate with you and the prospective tenants throughout the process. After careful consideration through selection criteria, shortlisted tenants will be presented to you for approval. Our capacity for selecting suitable tenants for your property gives you complete peace of mind throughout the process that your investment value is protected.

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Shaddock Real Estate has the largest furnished rental portfolio in Singleton and surrounds.

The decision to furnish or not can be tough, especially if you have not offered it before. But rest assured, furnished rentals come with benefits to the landlord which Shaddock is proud to support.

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Your local real estate agents and property managers at Shaddock will provide you with a comprehensive yet easy to understand report of your property, including an assessment of its potential rental return. Simply fill in our appraisal’s appointment form below and one of team will be in touch to organise an onsite appointment.

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